Why MacGyver Marketing

After nearly 20 years in marketing I bring expertise from businesses of 9 employees to thousands, local to global, B2B and B2C and everything in between. I can help you market your business effectively (not to mention efficiently).

I love helping businesses transform their marketing into smart, compelling strategies that work together to help you grow. This includes mentoring and training individuals and teams while driving results. I've turned email sales around from down 50% to up 130% YOY to be a top performing channel. After making key SEO and UX changes on websites, revenue has increased 30% YOY within a few months' time. Videos launched under my direction with 40% higher view rates than any prior release. I've spearheaded brand campaigns that increase goal completions on site by 20%.

Industries I've worked with include travel, education, publishing, software, recruiting and nonprofits.

If you have a good story and a good product, I'm in. (And I'll even help you craft that story if you need it...)

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