How Full Optimization Generated Significant Account Growth for Oofos

Oofos goes beyond traditional footwear with proprietary technology with increased shock absorption and arch support perfect for athletes, workers on their feet long hours, or those with a variety of injuries.

But the Massachusetts-based company dealt with ongoing frustrations with agencies underdelivering on social advertising results. Oofos was connected with Rebecca Heidgerd, the Principal of MacGyver Marketing, and they knew they met their match. To Oofos, it was more than just her competitive pricing, but rather the opportunity to develop a relationship with a small agency where one-to-one guidance was consistently available.

“Rebecca demonstrated consistency in both her vision and strategy. Overall, she made us feel good,” says Stephanie Greenstein, former Head of Brand Marketing at Oofos. “She was on the same page as us and became a great partner before the contract began,” adds Greenstein. Within the first thirty days, MacGyver Marketing conducted a full account cleanup, advancing the possibilities of success.

56% increase in ROAS

51% decrease in CPA

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Over the course of the next six months, from April to October 2019, MacGyver Marketing had fully optimized the Oofos account and presented undeniable results. While the costs had increased 169%, the overall sales achieved a growth of 186% in comparison to the previous fifteen months. Revenue increased 170% compared to the previous fifteen months.

The undeniable ROI solidified Oofos’ initial impressions. “Rebecca provided us with strategic direction and pursued goals on a strategic thinking level. She set us up to be successful,” Greenstein says.

This growth can be attributed to strategic testing that led to measured results:

Consistent testing provided targeted audience advertising. MacGyver Marketing conducted audience and persona testing to quickly determine where to focus their advertising budget to deliver efficient results. Persona audience “Cathy” was developed and compared with “all females 44-60”. The resulting data showed the percentage of overlap between these audiences was nearly 100%—clarifying that Oofos’s ads were being served to the same audience twice.

Person wearing a pair of Oofos recovery shoes

Testing ad types provided more effective CPA & ROAS. With these findings in hand, the Cathy persona was broken out into six categories to create specific, targeted audiences, resulting in minimal overlap. These category audiences performed as much as a 35% better cost per action (CPA) and 49% better return on ad spend (ROAS).

Testing of user-generated content (UGC) imagery versus non-UGC imagery determined that UGC was the winner, resulting in both a 57% decline in CPA and a 98% increase in ROAS. Single-product image ads were also converted to carousel ads, increasing consumer engagement. In addition, MacGyver Marketing tested the success of both Facebook video templates and static image advertisements. Video ads emerged as the strong winner, resulting in a 24% increase in ROAS and a 5% decrease in CPA.

“We were so fortunate to have worked with Rebecca,” says Greenstein, “she was always presenting new testing opportunities and always wanted to do better. She exceeded expectations, always going above and beyond.”

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