Your HubSpot recovery team

Seamless HubSpot migrations are critical to harnessing your marketing potential, but too often, we see those migrations go horribly wrong. As your dedicated HubSpot Recovery Team, we’re experts in fixing bad HubSpot migrations, identifying what went wrong, and setting you up for success.

Let us rebuild your HubSpot platform for unparalleled growth.

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Why fixing a bad HubSpot migration matters

When data is migrated correctly, it ensures cohesive communication, precise targeting, and accurate analytics – fundamental pillars for driving revenue. Data transfer problems or data integration challenges paralyze those business processes, making migration repair not just beneficial, but essential to securing optimal marketing, sales, and revenue outcomes.

Getting to the source of a bad Hubspot migration

A flawless HubSpot migration is the backbone of your marketing and sales endeavors. But when it goes wrong, it takes a unique skill set to put things right. Our team approaches data conversion troubleshooting like detectives, searching out and finding exactly what went wrong and building a plan to restore you to full operation.

We’ve been in the driver’s seat

With over 15 years of experience setting up HubSpot and what to fix to get the most from your CRM, we've mastered the nuances of taking a bad migration and turning it into a humming, optimized system. 

We know how to set up your HubSpot for success because we’ve been the ones who need to leverage that data, too. We don’t just set it up, we use it ourselves. From startups to mid-size businesses, we've seen it all and done it all. Our Migration Optimization team has dealt with failed migrations that suffered from data transformation issues like:

  • 100% of contacts with incorrect original sources
  • 100% of original create dates not migrated correctly
  • Missing contacts from full databases
  • Sales history failed to migrate
  • Unlinked data
  • Improper preparation of databases for migration
  • Duplicate records
  • Business units not properly matched
  • Leads incorrectly sorted in pipeline
  • Failure to plan for multiple business units

Sound like a familiar nightmare? We’ve fixed it all, and we can fix yours, too.

Our approach to migration recovery

Your CRM setup is the foundation of all the work you will do in HubSpot. You can't move forward if the foundation is cracked. That’s why data quality assurance, data validation and testing, and data mapping and transformation – are all so critical to your success.

We'll help you ensure you have the right foundation to build on with all of HubSpot's powerful suite of tools. Here’s how we help:


Expert Consultation

Our team provides a thorough understanding of every stage of a HubSpot migration, helping you identify the problem areas and resolve them in one swoop.

Hands-on implementation

From strategy to execution, we're with you every step of the way, ensuring that your data migration is fixed and effectively implemented for maximum returns.

Onboarding & Training

After implementation, we provide comprehensive onboarding and training, ensuring your team is proficient and empowered to harness the full potential of HubSpot's tools for success.

Ongoing support

As partners in your success, we offer continuous support, ensuring that your data cleanup and validation and data optimization processes remain optimized and up-to-date.

The MacGyver Marketing promise

We work in HubSpot reports every day and know the time-consuming and painful impact of iffy data. We won't let that happen to you. We don't just set things up to function now, we rebuild them to last you for the long run. Here’s how we’ll approach our work:

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Tailored Solutions

Every business is unique, and so are our migration fixes and solutions – tailored to your specific needs.

Data-driven Approach

Harness the power of analytics as we provide measurable results for your data migration repair needs.

Certified professionals

Our team comprises HubSpot-certified experts with a deep understanding of how to resolve data migration errors and rebuild your HubSpot instance for powerful growth.

What our clients are saying

“When it comes to outsourcing your marketing efforts and standing up a HubSpot environment for your team, you want someone who has the same passion for your brand as you do, which is hard to find oftentimes. MacGyver Marketing goes out of their way to understand your business and your ICP – and to execute a plan to grow your business and make the sales and marketing process run efficiently. They also are amazing at helping you gain visibility into all aspects of your sales and marketing. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone.”

-Han Butler, President, ROI CX Solutions

Ready to elevate your data?

There's no better time than now to optimize your data migration processes and operations. Let's discuss how MacGyver Marketing can drive tangible results for your business.